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Board of Directors:
Bruce Smith
Peggy Iba
Lea Ringen
Steve Olson
Mark Kapfer
Pat Carney
Jan Kruger

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Welcome to Community GATE

Giving Assistance Towards Employment

Community GATE is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization formed in 1996 by a community advisory council made up of community leaders to address welfare reform in Dawson County, Montana. They started a recycling center with a two fold mission of giving a second life to resources and providing a worksite to learn job skills. Over the years Community GATE has adapted to fill needs in four main ventures: Prairie Development Center, Yellowstone Recycling, Farm-to-Table, and Western Trails Food.

Yellowstone Recycling started in 1998 in the former GTA elevator & bean plant as a way to keep newspaper and cardboard out of the landfill, and provide a worksite for welfare clients. In its first five years Yellowstone Recycling had saved enough pallets of newspapers and cardboard—banded four feet high—to cover a football field. By year five recycling was a way of life, with plans for expansion. But on August 7, 2004, teenage arsonists burned the warehouse. Growth plans died in flames and funds were used for clean-up. With a lack of funds and the recycle market down, recycling moved to the back burner—but the future of the site looks delicious(more)

The Glendive community participated in a pilot Horizons Leadership program to reduce poverty. Out of that community effort, the Farm-to-Table project was born. This has grown to be the main focus of Community GATE.

The Farm-to-Table sustainable local food system's goal is to expand regionally grown foods into restaurants and grocery stores within a 150 mile radius. An agricultural marketing cooperative, restaurant, microbrewery and commercial kitchen are on the drawing board. A farmer's market was started in front of the Prairie Development Center along with our prolific garden replacing the lawn. Plans include a culinary arts curriculum focused on working with local producers… (more)

The Prairie Development Center is a 14,000 square foot office building in historic downtown Glendive with office, storage, and production space for rent. It features a conference room, break room, restrooms, reception area, resource library, and high-speed wireless internet… (more)

Western Trails Food is made and packaged in the Prairie Development Center. It's a value-added food business that processes hulless barley and dry beans into soup mixes, barley flour, flakes, and pancake and bread mixes, and is introducing a new line called Prairie Home Cuisine. Western Trails Food products are located in health food, gift shops and grocery stores from Libby to Baker… (more)