Community GATE
313 West Valentine
Glendive, Montana 59330
Phone: 406-377-4277
Fax: 406-377-2022
FTT store: 406-377-4285

Board of Directors:
Bruce Smith
Peggy Iba
Lea Ringen
Steve Olson
Mark Kapfer
Pat Carney
Jan Kruger

Yellowstone Recycling

As part of Community GATE's programming efforts, Yellowstone Recycling was started to provide a work site for the Office of Public Assistance’s clientele and to keep newspaper and cardboard out of the local landfill. Cenex Harvest States donated the GTA elevator, bean plant, warehouse and the land, one quarter of a block on Bell & Clough Street, facing the Yellowstone River. They also donated $70,000 to Community GATE in case the building had to be torn down.

In its five years of existence, the amount of paper and cardboard recycled would cover a football field 4 feet deep compacted. The warehouse was destroyed by fire on August 7, 2004 by teenage arsonists. It took the balance of the funding to clean up the burned buildings and level the land. Thanks to the Greater Glendive Community Foundation we were also able to board up the broken windows at the old GTA elevator.

Yellowstone Recycling resumed recycling newspaper in April 2005. It was all sorted by hand approximately 10 hours a week. It took about 10 weeks to fill the rented trailer, which was then taken to Billings. Once full, the trailer carried 25,000-28,000 pounds of newspaper compounded 5 feet deep and 28 feet long. Yellowstone Recycling was only able to recycle newspaper at the time, which was dropped off in a designated area near the old GTA elevator near the Bell Street Bridge. Due to market downturn and financial difficulties, Yellowstone Recycling, as of 2009, will not collect newspaper or recyclable products. Community GATE hopes to be able to carry on recycling in Glendive sustainably in the future.

Like a phoenix…

…the site of Yellowstone Recycling is rising from the ashes. A Farm-to-Table restaurant, retail outlet and microbrewery are in the works. Overlooking the Yellowstone River at the corner of Bell & Clough in Glendive, the restaurant will be featuring a local and seasonal menu, microbrews and a view of the historic Bell Street Bridge and Yellowstone River.